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Happiness Is a Skill


True happiness, what does it mean?

A feeling that comes from within, not just a dream.

It's the joy that fills your heart.

When you know you're playing your part.

It's the satisfaction that comes from doing what's right.

And the peace that you feel when you sleep at night.

True happiness is not found in wealth or fame.

It's not a game, it's not something you can claim.

It's a state of mind, a choice that you make.

It's the love that you give and the love you receive.

The compassion you show and the kindness you believe.

It's the laughter that comes from the simple things.

The beauty in nature makes your heart sing.

It's the courage to face your fears and to grow.

And the gratitude for the blessings that flow.

It's a feeling of contentment, a sense of peace.

A connection with others that brings sweet release.

It's the moments of joy that light up your day.

And the strength to keep going, come what may.

So let your heart guide you to what's true.

And let your soul shine through.

Live your life with purpose and with grace.

And true happiness will surely light up your face.

Love Nadeem.

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The Creators Blueprint
Nadeem Al-Hasan